Future Family Heirlooms. Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

We recognise that the maternal figures in your life might not always come in the shape of a ‘mum’.

Maternal love is a force like no other so, whoever they are, let’s give them a big hand… oh and something pretty to say thanks.

Why Jewellery?

It’s often tricky to find a gift that holds sentiment. Items with a story are so powerful especially when they represent a love that is unrivalled to anything else. As a curated marketplace we showcase jewellery that has been carefully selected from our directory of UK designers. Often the jewellery has been made in a way that is completely unique to that particular piece. So your recipient gets a slice of something totally individual to them. 

Unique Keepsakes

Personalised jewellery is having a renaissance but not in the way we know it… there is now a subtler nod to the trend with cosmos and zodiac inspired pieces in addition to as birthstone gems and lockets.

We adore these Lily Flo Square initial tag pendants. Sassy yet sentimental their edgy design ensures you steer well clear of the gimmicky, mass-produced aesthetic. This is a piece with longevity.

Pieces that are one off and unrepeatable, like our crystal slice necklace, are also the perfect way to gift something personalised but with a more abstract message.

Birgit Axter’s Moon and Stars Pendant

A piece that represents a force between two objects, Birgit Axter’s collection is inspired by her love for feminine organic forms.

All jewellery is handmade by Birgit in her studio and every piece created is a project of art -designed, formed and processed by hand. No two pieces are the same so every jewellery piece is  as unique as the person wearing them.

Salt + Pepper Half Moon Crescent Slice

No two Salt and Pepper pieces are the same. When you purchase a product from this collection you procure something totally unique, like this totally unrepeatable crystal slice Pendant. The perfect gift for someone who breaks the mould and is irreplaceable in your life. 

Thimble Rose’s Yin and Yang Pendant

This piece is the perfect symbol to represent the bond between you and the maternal force in your life. The idea of Yin and Yang is that of complementary forces that unite, become one and are greater together.

This has been designed with a yellow sapphire, a stone that enhances companionship and assists in fulfilling dreams.